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Discover the Next Generation of Employee Experience and Engagement

Today’s talent market is tough. Employees have come to expect a connected experience. It is getting challenging to attract, engage and retain talent in your organisation. Data driven decision making has never been more paramount to remain relevant. Join us as we explore how you can elevate & transform the Employee Experience in your company where investing in your employees leads to happier customers and measurable ROI.

This is part of the solutions for today’s state of the world webinar series.

About the speakers


Fish Shih

Platform Specialist, Salesforce

Fish is a Salesforce Platform Specialist, passionate active advocate about data. Currently focused on Analytics and Employee Experience use cases across Banking, Insurance and Financial Services for the Singapore and Malaysia market in her 6th year in the industry.


Madhav Kannan

Embedded Analytics Consultant, Tableau

Having spent a majority of his 4 years in Tableau deeply immersed in the Tableau developer ecosystem, Madhav is part of the 'Embedded Analytics’ team in APAC, and he works with customers to convert their data offering into a product and monetize the same. When he is not hashing away at his keyboard, he can be found enjoying his favorite hobby – living vicariously through his favorite sports idols.


Wallace Li

Principal Platform Specialist, Salesforce

Wallace Li is an accomplished cloud computing practitioner, architect, trusted advisor and trailblazer. Over 10 years experience in IT with solid project experience. Strong experience in business aligned transformation and implementing process improvement & automation.

Long history of working with Fortune 500 companies in Automotive,Retail, Manufacturing and Hi-tech industries cultivate him to be a visioner striving to share his vision and knowledge on cloud computing.

His visionary perspectives has earned him opportunities to work with customers across multiple countries in the APAC region, design solutions, educate customers and also shift his focus on employee experience transformation during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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