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Analyzing and Visualizing Big Data – What’s Possible?

In many organizations, the amount of data being used in business is growing at a relentless pace. This data can originate both inside and outside the enterprise in a variety of forms including web log click-streams, transactional data, sensor data, customer information and so forth. With the ever-decreasing cost of storage, this data will only continue to grow bigger and bigger. But what good is collecting all this data if you don’t do anything with it?

The demand to analyze big data is increasing rapidly whether it’s to gain more insight into web site behavior and business operations, to understand competitive activity in the marketplace or to understand customer sentiment and social behavior. With so many different data types of data and different approaches to store and processing it, the big question is how can you easily integrate and analyze it to create valuable business insight that can be shared and acted upon.

Attend this session and learn practical ways you can quickly and easily start analyzing and visualizing big data today.

About the speakers

Michael Ferguson

Managing Director, Intelligent Business Strategies
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