On-Demand Webinar

Analytics as a service - How to offer data analytics to your customer

How can you give the power of visual analytics to your customers so they can better understand their own data? By embedding Tableau into your product or application.

Join this on-demand webinar to see how Questback, a SaaS platform provider, has seamlessly embedded Tableau dashboards into their platform. By providing analytics as a service, Questback’s customers can now visually analyse their own data to identify trends and insights with a business impact.

You’ll see how Questback successfully used best practices to build their analytics architecture, including how they collect data, embed Tableau dashboards, and ensure data security for their customers.

Watch now to learn about:

    • Why providing analytics as a service can create a premium product offering
    • How to setup an analytics as a service architecture
    • How to ensure enterprise-grade security
    • How Tableau Blueprint can help you navigate preparation, deployment and roll-out

About the speakers


Rob Austin

Director of Business Intelligence

Matthias Saltenberger

Senior Campaign Specialist DACH | Tableau Deutschland GmbH

Matthias has 10+ years of experience in creating, organizing and managing integrated marketing campaigns. Before Tableau he studied Information Science and Engineering where he focused on Online Marketing and Information Architecture. His broad knowledge about databases helps him run successful campaigns that focus on the IT audience and analyze campaign performance through data visualization.

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