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AIA Singapore – Maximize Business Performance with Tableau

Getting from an insurance application form to an issued policy can be a tedious process involving assessments by multiple parties like underwriters and medical professionals. Delays would often occur along the way, and teams would rely on more experienced employees to identify the roadblock based on conjecture. There was no evidence or deeper insights to help them understand where the problem lay and how to speed up the process.

With Tableau dashboards, the strategy team can track the application status and ensure timely conversion from pending to submitted business. This improves AIA Singapore’s services by giving customers greater peace of mind, and helps the business optimize its sales and operations.
Hear from Dion Thorpe, Senior Manager of Enterprise Data on how AIA Singapore used Tableau to optimize operations and understand the customer journey to build more personalized products and services.
In this presentation, you will learn how AIA Singapore is using Tableau to:

  • speed up its operations by identifying gaps and problem areas that might be causing delays. 
  • accelerate decision-making with timely insights and achieve seamless integration across regional markets.
  • empower business users to make strategic decisions with data.

About the speakers

Dion Thorpe

Senior Manager of Enterprise Data, AIA Singapore
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