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Agile Website Analytics: Optimizing for Success

The amount of web traffic data your company collects is not only growing in size and complexity, but analyzing it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. This webinar will show you how your marketing team can connect Google Analytics with other diverse data sources to easily create meaningful visualizations for true insight to action. You’ll be able to seamlessly share visual dashboards with critical details about your web traffic for organizational collaboration.

Ask and answer deeper questions: How well does the respondent audience in your web visits correspond to your target audience? What traffic sources yield the most valuable customers, not just one-time conversions? How can you enable colleagues who are not web analytics gurus to successfully use and benefit from website data?

Attend this session and learn how to:

  • Connect to Google Analytics data with Tableau and blend it with other relevant data
  • Analyze web traffic and trends
  • Present your findings in interactive visualizations
  • Set up automatically refreshing data for daily up-to-date website reports

Join us on November 20th and commit to a higher level of web analytics in 2015.

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About the speakers

Ross Perez

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Tableau Software
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