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Advanced analytics made easy with NLG

As financial institutions collect more data, the complexity of visualizations also increases. As a result, there is always risk for misinterpretation. And to make things more difficult, many people often have their own assumptions about the data and at times overlook key insights across multiple visualizations.

Financial organizations must keep these challenges in mind when developing their data strategy. How does one communicate advanced analysis while simultaneously ensuring that the stakeholder can understand the provided insights?

In this webinar, we’ll cover how Automated Insights’ NLG platform, Wordsmith, can help solve these challenges. Learn how integrating written analytics with Tableau visual analytics can be a seamless process as well as how best to enable analysts to easily generate augmented analytics using natural language generation. Empower your analysts to share their advanced findings across the firm so that others may make better decisions and faster decisions.

About the speakers

Adam Long

VP of Product Management, Automated Insights

John Hegele

Director of Integrations, Automated Insights
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