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Advance your procurement performance with analytics

World class procurement organizations are increasingly leveraging data analytics tools and dashboards to uncover insights, opportunities, and accelerate value. These insights are often the basis for developing robust strategies that align with business stakeholders and help them in achieving their goals and objectives.

In this webinar you'll learn how your organization can leverage Tableau and create dashboards to accelerate the value your Procurement Organization can deliver. We will showcase:

  • Spend Analytics that provides insights by Supplier, Category, and Business Units
  • Robust Dashboards that measure critical KPI’s including; Savings, Spend Under Management, Improved Contracts, and Key Project Status
  • Compare Performance across these critical KPI’s to prior results to drive Continuous Improvement
  • Resourcing snapshots of your Procurement team by Business, Category, and Project Type to ensure efficiency

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Download and interact with the Active Projects and Completed Projects Procurement dashboards discussed in this webinar.

About the speakers

Neeraj Mathur

Director of Procurement, Tableau

Mike Crook

Director of Finance Analytics, Tableau

Kaylee Walker

Finance Analytics Analyst, Tableau

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