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Ad-Hoc Scenario Analysis Using Existing Infrastructure

Scenario analysis is a powerful way to evaluate business opportunities and risks. For many users, it's a core requirement of business intelligence. But the reality of most organizations today is that data needed for relevant scenario analysis lives in many different places: cubes, databases, Excel files. Is the only solution to build a new data warehouse or custom-code an application for each new business scenario?

We'll look at new techniques that let you combine different data sources on the fly and create customizable assumptions that let users quickly envision key scenarios. This not only reduces the cycle time for scenario analysis, but makes this kind of analysis possible in many cases where the expense of setting up new infrastructure is not justified.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • The essential elements of scenario analysis
  • How to blend disparate data sources without planning new infrastructure up-front
  • Ways to augment your corporate data with relevant external data to make a richer, more valuable analysis
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SQL Server BI Award

2010 Best Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool
Editors' Best and Community Choice

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About the speaker


Tom Huguelet

Business Intelligence Consultant

Tom Huguelet has been engaged in using Business Intelligence, and Dashboards & Analytics to enable Corporate Performance Management since 1999. While coming from a technological background, Tom has always focused on the people and process aspects of how Business Intelligence can create positive changes within an organization. In his role as a Business Intelligence Architect, he leads and mentors technical teams as well as advises business stakeholders on how to build the cross-disciplinary teams necessary to be successful with Business Intelligence. Tom is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Database Administrator, and Trainer, is a frequent speaker at industry events, has co-authored 3 books on SQL Server and Data Warehousing, and currently chairs a BI Roundtable group in Chicago. Tom formed contextQ in 2009 with the express purpose of helping organizations achieve excellence by providing professional services, training, and mentoring around the entire business intelligence development lifecycle.

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