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Achieving deep insight: Written analytics + visual analytics

Financial data analysts are the “glue” that makes self-service visual analytics work. And it’s no surprise—they have the most expertise as they work deep within the data, on a daily basis. Those that know the data best are directly tied to the success of your institution’s data strategy.

Nonetheless, communications of insights and data understanding continues to be a universal challenge in the financial space. Providing analysts with tools to share their unique expertise without limiting them is key to tackling this issue.

View this webinar, and learn how natural language generation (NLG) technology is providing analysts with the power to generate contextual, role-based customization and scale their expertise across the firm. We’ll cover how to best enable analysts and data experts in order that they may focus more time on expanding analysis to other areas of the business in order to identify new risks, opportunities, and increase revenue.

About the speakers

Adam Long

VP of Product Management, Automated Insights

John Hegele

Director of Integrations, Automated Insights
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