On-Demand Webinar

For IT & Technology Folks: Enabling Governed Self-Service at Scale

Today’s organizations seek an approach to self-service analytics that balances the needs of both IT and business users. Business users in the organization are already using Excel and other tools to answer their questions.

  • How do you enable self-service analytics while ensuring data is governed, trusted and secure?
  • How can you ensure people have timely access to the right data with the right access?
  • How do you provide security and governance while still allowing businesses to interact with data?

Learn how Tableau enables organizations to easily deploy a modern self-service analytics platform that supports freedom and governance.

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*Disclaimer: Permission to access and view the video recordings is restricted to public officers serving the Singapore Government only. To learn more about Public Sector Analytics, contact your Tableau Account Manager or email your request to seamarketing@tableau.com ing@tableau.com

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