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  • Welcome Address
    07 min

  • Keynote: Developing Data Science Capabilities within the Public Sector *
    23 min

  • Keynote: Self-Service in the Public Sector - Giving Data & Power to the People
    38 min

  • Customer Speaker: Data Analytics for Urban Planning *
    15 min

  • Customer Speaker: Beyond Smart Nation, Towards a Caring and Inclusive Home
    20 min

  • Thought Leaders Panel: Promoting Data Literacy – The Responsibility of the Few or Many?
    42 min

  • For IT & Technology Folks: IT and the Changing World of Modern Analytics
    30 min

  • For IT & Technology Folks: Enabling Governed Self-Service at Scale
    55 min

  • For Data Analysts & Consumers: Experience the Art & Science of Visual Analytics
    35 min

  • For Data Analysts & Consumers: Analytically Amazing, Visually Stunning
    33 min

  • This session is a part of the Singapore Tableau Public Sector Day On-Demand Series.
    Learn more here.

    *Disclaimer: Permission to access and view the video recordings is restricted to public officers serving the Singapore Government only.

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