Webinar Series

Women Leading Through Change

Powerful voices leading the way

We are living in a dramatic time of change as we navigate the global crises in health, the economy, equality, and leadership.

Women Leading Through Change events highlight powerful voices leading the way across industries and communities. Explore tools and strategies for professional and personal growth, and the power of data to elevate individuals, groups, and organizations.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Women Leading Through Change: Glennon Doyle
An open conversation with NY Times best selling author, speaker, and activist Glennon Doyle on transforming collective heartbreak into effective action, intersectional activism, and how social action relates (and sometimes doesn't relate) to data.
51 min
Women Leading Through Change in Government: Megan Smith
Join us for a candid conversation with Megan Smith - former U.S. Chief Technology Officer, tech entrepreneur, engineer, and evangelist.
50 min
Women Leading Through Change in Government: Rosie Rios
Learn from Rosie Rios, 43rd U.S. Treasurer on making financial decisions in unprecedented times, using data to do more with less, valuing diverse perspectives and underrepresented voices.
69 min
Women Leading Through Change: Alicia Garza
Hear from internationally recognized organizer, writer, and public speaker, Alicia Garza, on women's leadership, intersectional activism, and the power of data.
47 min
Women Leading Through Change in Government: Deborah Lee James
Join for an insightful conversation with the 23rd Secretary of the Air Force as she shares her deep expertise in managing change, innovation and technology, leadership, problem-solving, and diversity and inclusion.
47 min
Women Leading Through Change: Tameka Lester
A fireside chat with Tameka Lester, assistant Clinical Professor and Associate Director of the Philip C. Cook Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic at Georgia State University.
44 min
Women Leading Through Change: Data Literacy
What do we really mean when we talk about being data literate? Join our panel of experts for an interactive session on Thursday 5 November at 15:00 as they explore the topic of Data Literacy.
55 min
Women Leading Through Change: DJ Spinderella
Watch this empowering conversation and music set with Grammy award-winning DJ, Producer, Rapper, Writer, DJ Spinderella.
60 min
Women Leading Through Change: Devi Brown
Health and wellness session with Devi Brown - Chief Impact Officer for Chopra Global, Founder of Karma Bliss, Master Wellness Educator, and Author.
68 min
Women Leading Through Change in Canada: Hayley Wickenheiser
Watch Canadian hockey legend, four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, author, and community leader, Hayley Wickenheiser, share lessons from her leadership journey.
60 min