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Teaching with Tableau 

These Lunch and Learn sessions are hosted by instructors across all disciplines. They're going to show you how they're bringing data literacy into the classroom. Watch these sessions to learn tips and tricks on how you can do the same.


On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Social Work at Carleton University
Data skills are valuable in all disciplines. Dr. Dennis Kao, an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at Carleton University, and Megan Golfetto, a former student of Dr. Kao's, walk you...
64 min
Teaching with Tableau - Fundamentals
Are you a professor who wants to start using Tableau in the classroom but not sure where to start? Hear how Yvan Fornes teaches his students Tableau in an efficient and approachable way. Yvan...
65 min
Data Visualizations, Business, & Marketing
In this session, Shaam showcases some of the concepts covered in his courses. He shares tips and techniques on how he provides successful learning experiences for his students, plus provides...
62 min
Using Data to Chart a Course Forward
Dr. Fisher teaches a 'Big Data in National Security' undergraduate course at New Jersey City University. This course uses Tableau to look at policing data, international terrorism data, Twitter...
67 min
Best Practices Learned for Teaching Tableau
Paul Albert currently teaches Tableau for local Washington D.C. graduate programs and various Digital Humanities programs in the area. During this presentation, Paul discusses how he gets Tableau...
66 min
Import, Analyze, and Create Dashboards - The GBI Case
Dr. Dan Stone and Dr. Ann O'Brien walk through how they use the GBI Case project to teach students how to answer client questions and visualize accounting data. Evidence from applications...
59 min
Cases for Introductory Financial and Managerial Accounting
Listen in Jennifer M. Cainas, Professor from the University of South Florida, shares case examples used for introductory financial and managerial accounting courses. In addition to the cases, they...
63 min
Online Sales - Estimating Sales Tax Using Tableau
Listen in as Amy J. N. Yurko, J.D., Ph.D. from Duquesne University shares how she's teaching students to evaluate online sales data, explore sales tax nexus standards, and estimate sales tax...
57 min