Webinar Series

The Grid

Power your business on data.

The amount and types of data available to utility and energy companies has exploded in the past decade. We’ve transformed from human meter readers to smart meters. Data points had to be penciled in at the source, and then manually imputed into computer systems. But today there is an explosion of automated data from Smart Grids to weather, GIS and storm data that is constantly updating, and collected from numerous sources.

In May 2017, The Economist published, “the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.”

It is not only having the data, but it’s also what you can do with it. So we’ve built The Grid to show you how utilities and energy companies are harnessing the power of their data. Tune in to the following topics to see how utility and energy companies are improving efficiency, reducing downtime, identifying opportunities for cost savings and improving customer service.