Tableau is often mistaken as a "tool" but we're here to tell you, better yet SHOW you, that it's far more than just a tool for any one user to covet. It's a platform to enable teams in a governed environment and it can be tailored to a specific role. It requires heroes to administer if we're going to help foster the expansion of a data culture and data literacy. From governance best practices and baked-in features, to license permissions and managing the users, we're offering this series to educate you about the "little known facts" and hope you join us!

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Introduction to Governance

32 min
Tableau Data Server

49 min
Creator, Explorer, and Viewer: What's the Difference?

48 min
Customer Portal 101

Watch this webinar for a walk-through as a portal administrator and walk away with best practices for managing and administrating your Tableau deployment.

43 min