Tableau: More than Just a License

Tableau is often mistaken as a "tool" but we're here to tell you, better yet SHOW you, that it's far more than just a tool for any one user to covet. It's a platform to enable teams in a governed environment and it can be tailored to a specific role. It requires heroes to administer if we're going to help foster the expansion of a data culture and data literacy. From governance best practices and baked-in features, to license permissions and managing the users, we're offering this series to educate you about the "little known facts" and hope you join us!


Titel Duur
Creator, Explorer, and Viewer: What's the Difference?
How do you know who should play what role when it comes to Creator, Explorer and Viewer? Watch this webinar to dive into license types, capabilities, and the layers of permissioning roles you can...
48 min