Webinar Series

Solving real-world problems in retail with data visualization

With boundless data, a continually changing market, and discount-driven customers, retail is a hard landscape to navigate. In this two-part webinar series we have speakers from ice cream retailer Blue Bunny and digital marketing agency Ovative/group joining us to cover important topics such as:

  • Revenue management
  • Working with massive datasets
  • Forecasting & planning
  • Predictive analytics
  • Optimizing pricing and profitability
  • Site optimization and A/B testing

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
How Blue Bunny increased their sales footprint in a deal-driven retail market
Customer expectations for discounts continue to grow in retail's hyper-competitive landscape, which poses a complex challenge for retailers and their suppliers. During this session, Revenue...
38 min
How Ovative uses data visualization to make instant predictions to drive retail sales
The amount of data we have access to continues to grow exponentially, and it can be an overwhelming process to figure out what to do with it. Claire and Rachel from the digital marketing and...
42 min