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Title Length
Coca-Cola: Making Sales & Operations Come Alive
Find out how Tableau helps refresh their data world and open happiness with the deep insights they get out from their big data.
47 min
Countdown Supermarket: Enabling Actionable Insights
Hear how Countdown Supermarkets utilize Tableau to equip departments to make data-driven decisions.
53 min
Marico India - Tackling Big Data Challenges
Hear from Mr Girish Rao, Head of IT & Business Analtyics, to find out how Marico leverage on data analytics to stay on the pulse of the business and keeping company insights 'in sight'
46 min
RedMart - Data drives happier customers
Hear from Mr. Prashant Parashivapgol, BI Architect of RedMart, on how RedMart cuts analytics time by 70 to 80 percent, improving customer service, business efficiencies and operations.
22 min
How PepsiCo’s Big Data Strategy is Disrupting CPG Retail Analytics
PepsiCo relies on huge volumes of data to accurately replenish its retailers with the appropriate amount and type of product. Across the CPG industry, most analysts exclusively rely on Excel and Access for data wrangling, but as PepsiCo’s data surpassed the capabilities of those tools, they knew they needed a better way.
40 min