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Coca-Cola: Making Sales & Operations Come Alive

Implementing a robust Sales and Operation process at Coca-Cola was a huge challenge, partly due to data availability and accessibility. Hear from Warren Glave on how he made the vision come true through leveraging Tableau's capabilities.

In this session, Warren will share:

  • Demonstration of how Coca-Cola makes sense of their big data to optimize their S&OP efficiency
  • How they overcome business challenges and turn data into timely information to drive action and enable decisions
  • The business impact that Tableau brings to Coca-cola

Join us to find out how Tableau helps refresh their data world and open happiness with the deep insights they get out from their big data.

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About Coca-Cola
World's largest beverage company headquartered in Atlanta with 7,000 associates, 900 plants and approximately 250 bottling partners
1.9 billion daily serving in 200+ countries
$46 billion net operation revenues with $184 billion market cap
23 million+ retail customer outlets
3600 products with #1 share in sparkling & still beverages, ready-to-drink juice and juice drinks

About the speaker


Warren Glave

Project Manager, Robotics Process Automation & Analytics Coca Cola Refreshment

Over 17 years of experience in Data Analytics & Reporting, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), New Product Introduction (NPI) Planning & Budgeting, Lean Six Sigma Quality Black Belt (BB) and Global Lean Six Sigma Certified Instructor.
Researched, analyzed, designed and built over 70 different dashboard and report views for the Coca Cola Refreshment Performance & Analytics COE customers by blending data from many different sources including Teradata, Microsoft SQL Servers, SAP, Business Warehouse and XML data sources.

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