Webinar Series

Leaning into data during the pandemic

Live Webinar Series

The future remains uncertain during the COVID-19 pandemic and business leaders are quickly re-prioritizing areas to start, stop, or accelerate. Data is a critical asset to understand challenges and act quickly. Optimize the ways you leverage internal data, public data, and interactive dashboards to gain a competitive edge in a rapidly changing environment.

This four-part webinar series will equip you to overcome data paralysis and use data to its full potential to make better decisions, faster. Attend to learn how to build a stronger understanding of your business, your industry, and your data by putting analytics at the forefront of every decision.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
How to use data to adapt in an ever-changing market
Watch this webinar to learn more about evaluating the state of your business, the resources you can leverage to make more strategic decisions, pandemic response success stories, and how to embrace a data culture during crisis.
59 min
10 dashboards Tableau uses for insights during COVID-19
Watch this webinar to see firsthand how Tableau uses our products internally across sales, finance, HR, marketing, and customer success to support our customers, business, and the public.
50 min
How to use dashboards to build an effective return-to-work strategy
In this one-hour webinar, Tableau Zen Master Chantilly Jaggernauth will demonstrate how to dig into your data to answer questions such as, “Where are the epicenters?” and “Who is at risk?”.
57 min
How to leverage a remotely working organization
Join Shaun Chaudhary, Director of Data & Analytics at BetterCloud, to hear the major conclusions from their work from home trend analysis and how you can plan ahead.
32 min