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Leading Through Change with Data Analytics - Industry Roundtables

The COVID-19 pandemic affects all businesses in one way or another, regardless of industry or business model. However, the effects can vary significantly according to a variety of factors. Different industries have different challenges, but even companies within the same industry may face a widely diverging set of issues depending on their specific circumstances right before the crisis.
One thing all businesses have in common, though, is a need to understand their specific situation and quickly make the right decisions to stabilize, recover and grow. We have known there is an imperative to go digital and transform for a while, but that imperative is only increasing and accelerating in current difficult times.

In this roundtable series Henrik Jorgensen, Country Manager DACH at Tableau, invites leaders from various industries to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on their business, and the role data and data analytics play in mastering current and future challenges.

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C-level roundtable: How three eCommerce leaders accelerate their digital business in challenging times
Our guests are Dr. Franco Lucá – CEO, DefShop; Dr. Nikolaus Weinberger – CFO, windeln.de; Fabian Kothe – CTO/ CPO, real.digital Part of the series 'Leading through change with Data and Analytics'.
60 min
Industry conversation: How insights & data-driven decisions made HomeToGo resilient
Join this webinar to find out how insights & data-driven decisions made HomeToGo resilient.
32 min