Data is everywhere! Your customers expect to have data and analytics in every application or product they use to give them the insights needed to make smart data-driven decisions. Only by embedding analytics can you provide the level of business intelligence that your customers need.

Join this webinar series to learn how quick and easy it is to embed analytics into your own product–so you can increase product adoption whilst enabling your customers to make real-time data-driven decisions.

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On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Turn Data into Products - From Data Scientist to Data Business Owner

Learn how organisations of all sizes are monetising their data assets through new data-driven business models and analytics solutions.

59 min
Turn Data into Products - New Opportunities for Enterprises, SMEs and Startups

Learn how to embed analytics into your company’s product offering so you can deliver interactive visual insights that drive customer satisfaction.

60 min
ICIS - Empower Your Customers with Real-Time Analytics

Learn how ICIS, the biggest petrochemical market information provider, embedded analytics into their online app to provide real-time insights to their customers.

37 min
Data is The Product - How Air Cube are Turning Travel Data into Action

Learn how Air Cube, a leader in airfare intelligence, are providing the world’s biggest airline and travel operators with real-time pricing insights.

45 min
Data Monetisation: How to Get Money Out of Your Data

Learn how your business can discover new business opportunities through data monetisation, no matter if you’re a startup, SME or a global enterprise.

60 min