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Data is The Product - How Air Cube are Turning Travel Data into Action

Airline pricing keeps on getting more and more competitive, complex and volatile; resulting in an explosion of new data. To make smarter pricing decisions, airlines and travel operators need instant access to the right data and analytics.

In this webinar, learn how Air Cube, a leader in airfare intelligence, are providing the world’s biggest airline and travel operators with real-time pricing insights through visualisations embedded into their big data solution. With Tableau, Air Cube are able to monetise their data assets whilst enabling their customers with interactive pricing dashboards that turn travel data into action.

Join Jerome Perez, CEO of Air Cube, and Chief Marketing Officer Olivier Bressard, who will discuss how embedding analytics into their solution helped them to quickly and easily drive value for their customers.

About the speakers

Jérome Perez

CEO | Air Cube

Olivier Bressard

Chief Marketing Officer | Air Cube
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