Webinar Series

Embedded Analytics Best Practices

Evaluating and implementing an external-facing embedded analytics platform

Are you interested in implementing an embedded analytics solution that adds powerful reporting directly into your apps, products, or web portals?

Join the 'Embedded Analytics Best Practices' webinar series to learn how you can provide your customers with a self-service analytics solution that’s super easy to customise, integrate, and deploy.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Discover the Value of Embedded Analytics
Learn how embedded analytics with Tableau can help you achieve your key business goals of market differentiation, data monetisation, customer acquisition and retention.
39 min
Prepare for an Embedded Analytics Implementation
Learn about the organisational requirements (people, process, and technology) for a successful external embedded visual data analytics implementation.
43 min
Visual Design Best Practices for Embedded Analytics
Discover new visual design best practices that enable more intuitive, engaging and impactful embedded interfaces.
50 min