Webinar Series

Back to School Webinar Series

Data skills are essential in today's market. Join us for this global webinar series where we discuss the importance of visual analytics. We hope these webinars give you a road-map to incorporate data skills into your academic and professional pursuits.

If you are a student, look through our Tableau for Students page to request a 1 year free license of Tableau. If you are an instructor, you can visit our Tableau for Teaching page for free personal, research, and course software.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
How to make an interactive resume in Tableau
This webinar is a part of our Generation Data Webinar Series. Data analytics skills can give students an edge when applying for internships and full-time jobs. Companies are actively looking for...
50 min
Q&A with LinkedIn: Skills You Need to Get Hired
This webinar is a part of our Back to School Webinar Series. In LinkedIn's The Skills Companies Need Most in 2019 article, Analytical Reasoning is the third most demanded skill. Hear from...
24 min
Tips and tricks to build your Tableau skills as a student
This webinar is a part of our Back to School Webinar Series. Kaleigh learned how to use Tableau as a student at the University of Cincinnati. As an active Tableau Public user, her work was...
37 min