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Tableau for Teaching

Teach data and AI skills across all disciplines and levels in your classroom with free renewable licenses.


We offer instructors at accredited, degree-granting, academic institutions free access to our software and resources. Always renewable, always free, forever. Please submit proof (faculty webpages, course syllabi, appointment letters, etc.) that you’re actively teaching to receive your licenses. Check out our FAQ for more information.

A personal license for learning Tableau and teaching it in the classroom

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A classroom license requested by the instructor for their students to learn Tableau

  • Duration: Length of course (typically 3-6 months) 
  • Products: Tableau Desktop and Prep Builder
  • One key with multiple activations for number of students in course
  • Note: Does not include eLearning. Students can access eLearning individually through our Tableau for Students program. This license can be used for part-time students.

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A campus license used to deploy Tableau across university-owned computers

  • Duration: One year (renewable)
  • Products: Tableau Desktop and Prep Builder
  • One key with multiple activations (max 2,000)
  • Note: Not to be downloaded on personal machines, shared devices only.

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A cloud-based workspace for instructors and students to collaborate

  • Duration: One year (renewable)
  • Product: Tableau Cloud
  • 100 seats that instructors can subscribe students to via email address
  • Note: This offering is limited to one active site per year. 
  • Perks: Works on any device (Linux, Chromebooks, iPad, etc.) and no download required

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Refresh your lectures with free ready-made curricula

  • Content ranges from case study projects, to full 8-week courses 
  • Must have an active individual license to receive access
  • Check your license email or join the Tableau for Teaching Forum to request curriculum

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Data-driven, AI-ready

Free resources to help navigate an AI world

AI Fundamentals

From defining AI terms to exploring the ethics behind AI, students will learn the foundation of AI, how data plays an important role in AI, and mitigating biases in data.

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Free resource guide

Data is at the heart of AI technologies because AI is only as good (or bad) as the data being fed into it. This guide highlights the key priorities for an institution to be AI ready by centering around data.

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To qualify for free licenses through the Tableau for Teaching program, you must teach at an accredited academic institution and/or conduct non-commercial academic research at an accredited academic institution. You must teach credit-bearing courses that go towards a degree. Terms and conditions can be reviewed under the Additional Terms and Conditions section of the online license request forms.

Non-commercial academic research means conducting not-for-profit academic research projects (investigation based on the idea of scientific inquiry), which are not intended to or in fact produce results, works, services, or data for commercial use by anyone or to generate revenue.

Commercial research and institutional research - the use of institutional data (including student and staff, program, management and operations data) to inform decision-making, planning or tracking academic success - are not considered non-commercial academic research.

Examples of non-commercial academic research that do qualify:

  • Postdoctoral researcher at a university conducting individual research with limited or no grant funding
  • Students and mentors assisting students in a research lab affiliated with a university degree program

 Examples of research that do not qualify:

  • Independent, non-profit research centers not affiliated with a university, but utilizing university resources (room space, equipment, etc.)
  • Institutional research (including student and staff, program, management and operations data) to inform decision-making, planning or tracking academic success
  • Research centers partnering with universities (but not a part of a university degree program) to provide research and other services to public or private sectors (governments, non-profits, corporations, etc.)
  • Individuals completing their residency at a hospital affiliated with a university, who have already obtained their degree, and are not taking additional courses
  • Any form of clinical research or Medical centers associated with universities conducting clinical research
  • Professors that are providing independent consulting services
  • Research on COVID-19

To be considered for any license issued by Tableau Academic Programs, you must submit supporting documentation that indicates your current instructor or academic researcher status.

The document, or public-facing webpage, must include the following: the requestor's full name, affiliation to the accredited institution, and current year. Accepted document types include:

  • Instructor or academic researcher profile (please ensure the link is accessible to the public and not behind a protected login)
  • Course syllabus
  • We also accept official institution documents, such as a letter or employment or pay stub (with sensitive information removed), so long as these documents include the requestor's full name, position, and current year or term.

You may include a link to a profile in the 'Link to instructor/academic researcher profile' field on the request form, however, if a public link is not available, you may enter 'N/A' on the form and email a screenshot or any documentation to for review.

You must include documentation either on the form or via email to proceed in the verification process, if nothing is provided, there will be a delay in processing your license request. If you have any questions regarding types of acceptable documentation, or the status of a request, please email our Operations Team at

  • Individual license: within 5-7 business days of the request date
  • Student course license: approximately one week before the course start date as indicated on the online request form
  • Lab license: by the Date needed by indicated on the online request form
  • Tableau Cloud site: by the Date needed by indicated on the online request form

Please note: if the indicated "Date needed by" is the day you submit the request, or in the past, you will instead receive the license(s) within 5-7 business days of the request date.

  • Individual license: valid for one year at a time and can be renewed each year instructors are teaching Tableau in the classroom or conducting noncommercial academic research
  • Student course license: valid for the duration of the course as indicated on the online request form
  • L license: valid for one year from the day the key is activated
  • Tableau Cloud site: valid for one year from the day that the site is activated by instructor
*Type "N/A" if unavailable and send documentation to verify your status as an instructor or academic researcher to