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Get curated online eLearning resources, such as webinars, videos, and more, as well as classroom or virtual training.

Skill assessments

Measure your technical knowledge with skills assessments to identify strengths and areas that require more attention.

Skill Badges

Digital badges show off your skills on social media. Share with your organization and connect with Community members.


Provide insights and develop visualization solutions

Consumer badge

As a Consumer, you use data to make more informed decisions for your line of business.

Consumer path Details

Author badge

As an Author, you leverage your foundational Tableau skills to make smarter business decisions more quickly by digging into available data sources to create visualizations and dashboards mostly for your own consumption.

Author path details

Designer badge

As a Designer, you create beautiful, functional and impactful visualizations that help stakeholders across your organization absorb information quickly and easily.

Designer path details

Analyst badge

As an Analyst, you are responsible for supporting your organization’s lines of business to deliver valuable insights from data.

Analyst path Details

Data Scientist badge

As a Data Scientist, you are an expert at deriving valuable insights for large and varied data sets.

Data Scientist path details

Developer badge

As a Developer, you translate the needs of the business into the software tools, applications, and automated processes that keep your organizations lean, smart, and efficient.

Developer path details

Enable a data culture in your organization

Executive Sponsor badge

As an Executive Sponsor, you are responsible for driving the decisions and strategies that enable your organization’s continued growth and success.

Executive Sponsor path Details

Community Leader badge

As a Community Leader, you are responsible for coordinating efforts related to user enablement around communications, engagement, and support.

Community Leader path details

Data Steward badge

As a Data Steward, you ensure there are documented procedures and guidelines for data access and plan enterprise-wide data governance, control and compliance policies.

Data Steward path details

Deploy and manage an optimized environment

Server Architect badge

As a Server Architect, you plan Tableau Server deployments and ensure their success.

Server Architect path details

Server Admin badge

As a Server Admin, you ensure that your installation of Tableau Server runs smoothly.

Server admin path details

Site Admin badge

As a Site Admin, you manage, monitor, and maintain sites on Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud.

Site Admin path Details

This is how we role

Get automatic bragging rights when you earn Skill Badges. Complete a learning path and share your digital badge on LinkedIn (where employers see it), other social media (where friends can see it), and post it on your Community profile (where you-know-who sees it).


Organizations use learning paths too


You’ll find a learning path for every role in your organization—from authors and analysts, to executive sponsors and data stewards, to server architects and site administrators, and more. Organizations that want to build a data culture rely on Tableau Blueprint for best practices. Now, with 12 learning paths to choose from, Blueprint offers your employees a unified learning experience based on their individual roles.

Learn more about Tableau Blueprint.