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How Reitan Convenience Help Retail Stores Reinvent The Customer Journey Using Tableau Embedded Analytics

Imagine if your retail organisation could enable stores and suppliers with data-driven insights via a self-service analytics solution embedded into your app or web portal—helping them make smart decisions during uncertainty.

You can! In this webinar you'll learn how Reitan Convenience—a leading Nordic retailer—help franchise stores make data-driven decisions at each stage of the customer journey by embedding Tableau dashboards into their external-facing web portal.

Discover exactly how Reitan Convenience scale data-driven insights to franchise stores—helping them convert footfall, drive sales growth, and win market share.

Learn how Reitan Convenience use Tableau embedded analytics to:

  • Enable stores with self-service analytics to find answers fast
  • Help stores make data-driven decisions throughout the customer journey
  • Analyse footfall data to drive sales growth

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About the speaker


Björn Olausson

Head of Data & Analytics - Reitan Convenience

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