Free Public Data Sets For Analysis

Data is a critical component of decision making, helping businesses and organizations gain key insights and understand the implications of their decisions at a granular level. And visual analytics, in the form of interactive dashboards and visualizations, are essential tools for anyone—from students to CEOs—who needs to analyze data and tell stories with data. Public data sets are ideal resources to tap into to create data visualizations. With the information provided below, you can explore a number of free, accessible data sets and begin to create your own analyses.


The following COVID-19 data visualization is representative of the the types of visualizations that can be created using free public data sets. Explore it and a catalogue of free data sets across numerous topics below. 

COVID-19 Data Visualization


Free Health Data Sets

Health dashboards can be used to highlight key metrics including: changes in a population’s health over time, how people choose to receive healthcare, or urgent public health information, such as vaccination rates during a global pandemic.

Free Social Impact Data Sets

Social Impact dashboards highlight topics related to society as whole - from local to global public policy issues and concerns. Dashboards can be used to visualize the number of police shootings in the United States or analyze anti-refugee sentiment. Social Impact dashboards can help decision makers understand policy gaps and create solutions to address specific needs.

Free Climate and Environment Data Sets

Climate change is one of the most urgent issues of our time. With relevant data, scientists, leaders, and policymakers are able to see trends, make policy recommendations, and share critical findings. Browse the vast quantity of climate- and environment-related data dashboards through the links below.

Free Government Data Sets

State, local, and federal governments rely on data to guide key decisions and formulate effective policy for their constituents. The data they generate is often in the form of open data sets that are accessible for citizens and groups to download for their own analyses. Browse the list below for a variety of examples.

Free Education Data Sets

Education dashboards provide educators and others a way to visualize critical metrics that affect student success and the fundamentals of education itself. These dashboards can help inform decision-making at a local, state, and national level. Browse through more education public data sets below.

Free Public Data Sets for Advanced Users

The variety of data sets outlined below are great resources that showcase that with the right data you can create just about any sort of visualization to tell your own unique story.