Tableau Pre-Release Programs

Evaluate, experience and provide feedback on emerging ideas and new product capabilities

Tableau Customers can join the Tableau Pre-Release Community to:

​- Participate in alpha and beta programs for early access to new features, versions and products.
- Engage directly with the Tableau Dev team through user research, product discussions and feedback activities designed to get feedback on topics that you care about.

A Single Tableau Account

Tableau has launched an all new Pre-Release website for customers to test out upcoming features! ​​Now you can use your Tableau Account to sign up for the next Tableau beta. Sign up with the same ID that you use for the Tableau Community or Tableau Online. If you don't have a Tableau Account, it's easy to create an account.

Ready to Test

When you sign up for a Pre-Release Program that is Ready to Test we will add you in and make sure that you receive the latest updates, including instructions on how to access and download the Pre-Release build.

Project Maestro

Project Maestro - You saw it at the Tableau Conference and were amazed! Soon, data prep will be easier than ever. Sign up to get the latest Project Maestro news and updates.

Tableau Early Feedback

Tableau Early Feedback - Join in to preview and test very early Tableau Features. These items are so new that we may not even know which Tableau version they will be in.

Tableau Extensions API Developer Preview

Extensions API Developer Preview - Create dashboard extensions so end users can interact directly with data in third-party applications, without leaving Tableau. Capabilities like write-back, custom actions, deep integration with other apps, and custom UI are all at your fingertips.

Tableau Mobile

Sign up to check out the latest Tableau Mobile innovations. Tableau Mobile for iOS and Tableau Mobile for Android.

Data Source Connectors - Ready to Test

Oracle Eloqua Connector Version 2.0

Oracle Eloqua v 2.0 - We have made improvements to the Eloqua connector and are anxious to hear your feedback.

The upgraded connector now:

  • Supports much more Eloqua data, including Lead Scoring and Assets, the most popular requests.
  • Displays progress so that you know how much data has been retrieved – and how much remains.
  • Warns you when it detects that you have more than Eloqua’s maximum supported 250 columns per table.
  • Incrementally refresh individual Activities.
  • Downloads all your data, even when you exceed Eloqua’s five million row limit.

QuickBooks Online Connector Version 2.0

QuickBooks Online v 2.0 - After listening carefully to your feedback over the last year we have made significant changes to the QuickBooks Online connector.

The upgraded connector now:

  • Supports all QuickBooks Online Accounting data! No more limitations; if the API supports it, we make the data available to you.
  • Brings the data back in a shape better suited for analysis and creation of standard reports, like a Profit and Loss Statement.
  • Displays progress so that you know how much data has been retrieved.

Upcoming Pre-Release Programs

Upcoming Pre-Release Programs are planned for the future and haven't yet begun. Sign up to let us know that you are interested! You won't receive an immediate email, but you'll definitely be the first to know when they become available.


Tableau Beta

Tableau Beta - Sign up to be included in the next Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server beta. Coming soon in 2018! Don't miss out on the chance to test, provide feedback and explore upcoming Tableau features.

Tableau Services Manager (TSM)

TSM - A new Tableau Server administrative experience is coming your way! Sign up to join the Pre-Release program once it begins.

Data Source Connector Pre-Release Programs

Sign up to let us know that you are interested in our upcoming Data Source Connector Programs! You won't receive an immediate email, but you'll definitely be the first to know when they become available.

ServiceNow Connector Announcements Marketo Connector Version 2.0
Google Adwords Connector Google CloudSQL Connector

Pre-Release participation is available to current customers only. Be sure to use your company contact information when signing up to ensure that you are identified in our system.

Please contact us at for assistance.

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