Tableau Foundation at TC17

Data Fellows Summit

October 9-12, 2017

As part of the 2017 Tableau Conference experience, Tableau Foundation is hosting a one-day pre-conference “Data Fellows Summit.”

Monday’s Summit is an all-day workshop specially designed for Tableau Data Fellows and other Tableau Foundation nonprofit partners.

Then, starting Tuesday morning, Summit participants will join 15,000 Tableau fanatics for the full Tableau Conference experience, including guest keynotes, skill-building workshops, customer sessions, and the Data Night Out customer appreciation party.

To confirm your attendance, fill out the attendance form provided to you by your Tableau Foundation contact or fellowship program manager.

Summit Agenda

Subject to change
Summit introduction


Remarks from Tableau leaders Jay Peir and Neal Myrick
Project overviews


Program leaders from around the country will share an overview of their organizations and show how data is making a difference.
Breakout cycle


Data Prep & ETL | Community and Consensus Building | Operationalizing Data Systems
Breakout cycle


Data Prep & ETL | Community and Consensus Building | Operationalizing Data Systems
Lunch discussion


Notes from the field: Myanmar case study


Targeted Storytelling and Advocacy


Capacity-Building Resources


Visualizing Individual Voices in Sentiment Data


Using Data to Drive Private Sector Collaboration
Conference prep


Spend some time with Tableau Schedule Scouts planning out your Conference agenda


What is expected of attendees?
Come learn and share. Simple as that. Connect with other Data Fellows in your area and across the country. Take actionable knowledge and connections back to your organization and network.
How will speakers be chosen?
Above is a tentative agenda of the topics we will cover at the Fellows Summit. Once all speakers are finalized, we will update the agenda with those names. In addition, if you have something you would like to share or speak on, we will see if we can slot you into the agenda. Send us a 200 word description of the work that you think would be relevant to Steve Schwartz at before June 15, 2017.
How much does it cost?

Tableau Foundation is covering the cost of admission to all of Tableau Conference and the Data Fellow Summit (Monday through Thursday) for all invited fellows and partners. We are also providing a $750 stipend per attendee to help cover the costs of travel to and lodging in Las Vegas.

Stipend request deadline is June 15, 2017.

What if the $750 does not cover the full cost of travel/ lodging and my organization cannot cover the rest?
Please contact your fellowship program manager to discuss.
What if I can’t come Monday but can come for the rest of the week? Or what if I have to leave the week’s events early?
This program is designed specifically for you to attend sessions from Monday through Thursday. Contact your fellowship program manager to discuss special exemptions to the program.
Can a colleague attend in my place?
No. The event is designed specifically for those participating in the data fellowship programs and other Tableau Foundation partners.