Red por los Derechos de la Enfancia en México

Convening 75 organizations to support vulnerable young people across Latin America

In Mexico, minors are 30% more likely to be disappeared or killed than those over 18. Data enables REDIM to understand where and when these abuses occur in order to protect children in danger.

Partnership start date: 2015

Total funding committed: $585,395

Region: Mexico

Website: www.derechosinfancia.org.mx

What they do
REDIM convenes 75 children's advocacy organizations through a network called REDLAMYC, which is focused on reducing violence and abuse against young people. Through a number of initiatives, REDIM and REDLAMYC raise awareness around the issues and promote legislation to protect childrens’ rights.

What our partnership does
A large part of REDIM’s impact depends on conducting and publishing research around dangers that children face. Because the organization needs to be able to process and analyze a wide range of metrics from different sources, Tableau Foundation is supporting REDIM to develop its data capacity.

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Understanding the data on children's rights challenges in Latin America

The human rights abuses children in many countries face are difficult to confront—but data enables organizations to see where aid is most needed. REDIM relies on Tableau to organize streams of information to help children across Latin America.

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