Veterans Health Administration: Tracking Facility Usage and Inventory During a Pandemic

By popular demand, this session comes to you from Tableau's Virtual Government Summit, from the spring of 2020. With the responsibility of serving more than 9 million veterans in the United States, and acting as the country's backup healthcare system, the Veterans Health Administration plays a critical role in being accountable for many who are impacted by the virus. The agency is responsible for managing the nation's stockpiles of PPE equipment and distributing them as necessary to the areas that are most in need.
With the virus moving through different regions in waves, understanding which VA facilities are most impacted and tracking the inventory and distribution of PPE equipment is vital. In this session, Amy will discuss how her team was able to provide around the clock updates on which facilities were hardest hit with an influx of patients and solve supply chain issues created in this COVID-19 environment by supporting logistics distribution across the entire organization.
Session Speaker: Amy Mersereau-Cooper, Director of Supply Chain Systems, VHA

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