A Technical Introduction into the Hyper API

Earlier this year, we released a powerful successor to Extract API 2.0: Hyper API, which goes beyond extract creation to enable you to read and modify extracts programmatically with direct SQL access to Hyper, which was outright impossible before. This session will introduce Hyper API and teach you how to get started with it. We will walk through sought-after use cases, such as deleting data from extracts, updating rows, ingesting CSV data rapidly, and doing complex analytics using SQL. Armed with the learnings from this talk, you will be able to start harnessing the powers of Hyper directly in your programs and scripts. This session is aimed at developers and customers interested in programmatic extract creation and modification. The API is currently available for Python, Java, .NET, and C++.
Session Speakers: Jonas Eckhardt and Jan Finis

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