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More than 100,000 data enthusiasts from around the globe attended this year’s Tableau Conference. We’ve gathered the absolute best sessions here, so you can see how others are using Tableau to harness the power of data.

Tableau Catalog - What’s New?

Tyler Doyle
Join our Product Managers to hear about the importance of data catalogs and walk through the newest Tableau Catalog and Data Management features.

Introduction to Ask Data

Jared Briskman
A quick crash course on the "what", "why" and "how" of Ask Data: Tableau's fast, easy and simple natural language analytics experience. This episode will highlight some exciting recently added features, cover a few best practices, and more!

What's New in Tableau Prep Builder

Issa Beekun
Learn about sleek new features like bulk editing of operations in metadata mode, saving parts of flows into re-usable flowlets, and many other intuitive improvements that will make your data prep experience easier than ever.

That One Thing - Building a Data Culture

Sarah Turner
Jonathan Drummey
Alan Burke
Christine Choi
You are a leader in a new Data Era. Whether you are an analyst, lead a BI team, or set the organization’s data strategy, you can enable your organization to better use data, build a data culture, and grow your career in the process.​

Drawing Data Visualisations in Tableau

Toan Hoang
An introduction to how you can leverage Tableau to Create Advanced-Data Visualisations in Tableau using Drawing Techniques, Data Densification and Polygons.

That One Thing - Everything IT

Cesar Picco
Tristanne Searle
Avishek Ghosh
Zachary Ahrens
The vantage point of IT is unique. You identify relevant data, link it to strategic initiatives & facilitate connections. You bring purpose to data. Hear how Tableau is used to deliver quality data, break down internal silos, and even serve as a catalyst for the "best meeting ever".
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Iron Viz

Three finalists will go head-to-head, vying to be this year's champion.

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