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Starter dashboards are an easy way to get a jump on your analysis

Try out Dashboard Starters with your own data

Dashboard Starters are designed to help you jump-start your analysis with actionable data in minutes. In just a few clicks, you can connect to common enterprise applications and create beautiful, data-rich dashboards seamlessly – all with your own data.

If you're a current Tableau Desktop customer, you can download the powerful Dashboard Starters as packaged workbooks. Swap out the data source and get ready to go from data to insights faster than ever before. See full instructions below.

Salesforce Starters

With Salesforce Starters, you’ll be able to fine-tune your sales funnel, better support your sales team and unlock the power of your own sales data faster than ever before.

The Salesforce Starters include the following dashboards: Account Tracking, Quarterly Results, Top Accounts, Opportunity Overview, Opportunity Tracking and Marketing Leads.

Salesforce Dashboard Starter

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Marketo Starters

With Marketo Starters, you can pull together your marketing automation data into visualisations that help you see what tactics are winning over converts and what messages are getting lost in the mix.

The Marketo Starters include the following dashboards: Email Performance Overview, Email Performance by Campaign and Web Engagement by Account

Marketo Dashboard Starter

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Oracle Eloqua Starters

Go from 10,000 feet to deep into the details of any campaign. Understand how a single customer or how a whole industry is consuming your content. No need to fear the data you have. Oracle Eloqua Starters will take you from data to insight to action in moments.

The Oracle Eloqua Starters include the following dashboards: Engagement Analysis for Accounts, Campaign Performance Overview, Campaign Details Dashboard and Account Engagement Dashboard.

Eloqua Dashboard Starter

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ServiceNow Starters

With ServiceNow Starters, you’ll be able to seamlessly pull all of your ServiceNow IT service management data into Tableau, complete with pre-built dashboards ready for action.

The ServiceNow Starters include the following dashboards: Executive Dashboard, Request Report, Problem Tracker, Problem Report, Incident Tracker and Incident Report dashboard.

ServiceNow Dashboard Starter

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Snowflake Starters

See and understand your Snowflake account with these Snowflake Starters! These pre-built dashboards* help you manage and monitor your Snowflake deployment to ensure you’re meeting the speed and cost control your organisation requires.

The Snowflake Starters include the following dashboards: Compute Cost Overview, Compute Credit Forecasting, Storage Cost, Snowflake Query Utilisation, User Adoption, Performance Monitoring, Slowest Running Queries and Error Tracking.

Snowflake Dashboard Starter

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*Snowflake Starters cannot be accessed from the Tableau Online Dashboard Starter interface. They come automatically as a part of the Accelerated Analytics Quick Start with Tableau and Snowflake on AWS. Read this blog post for more information.

How to use your downloaded Dashboard Starters

  1. Download the Dashboard Starter of your choosing.
  2. Double-click on the workbook to open it in Tableau Desktop. Don’t have Tableau Desktop? Start a free trial today.

Get your data into the dashboards

  1. Double-click on the workbook to open it in Tableau Desktop
  2. You will need to connect to the appropriate data source to view your own data. Select the “Data source” tab. A dialogue box will appear prompting you for your application credentials (e.g. Salesforce login and password).
  3. Enter your credentials and log in to your account. If you are using the Salesforce Starter, first ensure your account has API access to your Salesforce instance.
  4. Now go back to the dashboard. Tableau Desktop will then create an extract of your data. You may want to start with one or two weeks of data so that extract can be created quickly.
  5. If any worksheets appear blank, navigate to the worksheet. Replace reference fields by right-clicking on the fields with red exclamation marks as necessary.

Now you’re ready to explore your data and gain insights at the speed of thought.

Tableau Online and Dashboard Starters go hand in hand. Start your free trial of Tableau Online today.

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