Preparing for the Tableau and Tableau Public account integration: Best practices

To help you navigate the Tableau and Tableau Public account integration changes, we’ve outlined a few considerations in managing your account.

We recently announced improvements to the user login experience with the integration of Tableau and Tableau Public accounts. What does this mean for you? In approximately 30 days, you will be able to easily access all of our Tableau and Tableau Public products and services with a single login. To help you navigate these changes, we’ve outlined a few best practices and considerations in managing your account.

How will this integration affect my Tableau Public account?

If you are only registered for a Tableau Public account, in approximately 30 days, you will have access to the Tableau Community, forums, e-learning resources and more. Once account integration has taken place, you will receive an email prompting you to verify your account. To verify your account:

  • Look for an email from
  • Click the verification URL
  • Set and confirm your new password

Not received the verification email within 30 days? Follow the steps below instead:

  • Reset your password here 
  • Input your Tableau Public account email address 
  • Look for the password reset email in your inbox
  • Select the reset password URL
  • Enter your new password 


Reset your password on

What if I already have a Tableau and Tableau Public account?

If you are registered for a Tableau Public account and a Tableau account using the same email address, your accounts will be merged into a single user account. This will simplify the login experience for the majority of users. Once you’ve received a confirmation email letting you know your account has been merged, you can access Tableau and Tableau Public using your existing Tableau login information. To log in:

  • Select Sign in
  • Enter your Tableau account details

What if I don’t want my Tableau and Tableau Public accounts merged?

If you do not wish to have your accounts merged and want to maintain two separate accounts, you should follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Tableau Public account using your current email address and password
  • Select Settings
  • Under account management, select Change email 
  • Enter new email address
  • Confirm password 
  • Select a country or region
  • Select save


Change your preferred email address for Tableau Public

What other resources can I connect with after this account integration?

You’ll have access to additional Tableau content and resources like the following:

Still have questions? Email us at