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Developer Program Sprint Demos (January 28, 2021)


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• In-Product Extensions Gallery [00:02:45]
by Pierce Young, Product Manager
 Tableau Server in a container [00:09:25]
by Bernhard Damberger, Senior Product Manager
• New Hyper API file format [00:21:53]
By  Sebastian  Hofstetter,  Software Engineer
 Tableau Online support Analytics Extensions [00:28:18]
By  Nathan Mannheimer, Senior Product Manager


Download all the resources here.

About the speakers


Pierce Young

Product Manager, Tableau

Bernhard Damberger

Product Management, Senior Manager, Tableau

Sebastian Hofstetter

Software Engineer

Nathan Mannheimer

Director, Data Science and ML Products, Tableau

Nathan is Director, Data Science and ML Products at Tableau, focused on integrating data science tools and techniques into Tableau. He is a lecturer in the Statistics Department at University of Washington working in the Data Science Masters Program.

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