Take the Challenge: 14 Days of Data

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We collected the best ideas from our most prolific data rockstars to create this 14 Days of Data challenge. Now you can follow in their footsteps with the help of the Tableau Community. Do one quick activity each day. At the end of the 14 days, you’ll have the power of the Tableau Community behind you.

Day 1

Viz of the day

Explore our Viz of the Day

Kick off your 14-Day challenge by subscribing to Viz of the Day. Get inspiring, downloadable vizzes sent to you daily.

5 min

Subscribe now

Day 2

Tableau Ambassadors

Get to know Tableau Ambassadors

Stay in the know 24/7 by subscribing to our "Ambassadors" Twitter list.

10 min

Follow Tableau Ambassadors

Day 3

Visual Analytics

Why Visual Analytics?

See how to use data in Tableau to answer your most pressing questions.

30 min

Watch Webinar

Day 4

Business Dashboards

Dig deeper into Business Dashboards

Explore our Community's submissions to the Iron Quest "Business Dashboard" challenge.

20 min

Explore Iron Quest Submissions

Day 5

Community Forums

Join our Community Forums

Create an account for the Tableau Community Forums. Ask questions and find answers.

5 min

Create Forums account

Day 6

Dashboard webinar

How to build impactful visualizations

Watch one of our most popular webinars. Learn how to build visualizations and dashboards for greater insight and impact.

60 min

Watch webinar

Day 7

Reference guide

You're halfway there!

Here's the only Tableau Reference Guide you need. It's a one-stop shop of Tableau resources, made by and for the community.

5 min

Bookmark Reference Guide

Day 8

Tableau User Groups

Connect with peers

Meet like-minded data rockstars, in person or online. Register for a Tableau User Group.

10 min

Register for User Groups

Day 9

Explore vizzes

Explore community vizzes

Discover Tableau Public Ambassador Kevin Flerlage's amazing "Tableau Chart Catalog." Choose a chart then download it to explore in more depth.

30 min

Explore vizzes

Day 10

Create your own viz

Build your own dashboard

Follow along with this webinar and create your first dashboard!

60 min

Watch and create viz

Day 11

Tableau Public

Meet Tableau Public

Create a Tableau Public profile and publish your viz from Day 10.

10 min

Learn how to publish your viz

Day 12

Share your viz

Tweet your viz!

You're almost done. Now it's time to share your first viz on Twitter–be sure to tag @TableauPublic.

5 min

Tweet your viz

Day 13

Let's celebrate!

Join your peers and take your place in the 14 Days of Data Winner's Circle.

5 min

Join now

Day 14

You did it! Congrats.

It's time to introduce yourself. Say hello using #datafam and let the good times roll.

5 min

Tweet your #datafam