18 Feb, 2019
The Street

Tableau Execs Talk About New Software, Battling Microsoft, M&A and More

15 Feb, 2019

Tableau tangos with the enterprise

14 Feb, 2019
Wall Street Journal

Brown-Forman CIO Looks to Data for Smarter Booze

14 Feb, 2019
IT Brief

How Tableau aims to make data analytics more accessible

13 Feb, 2019

Tableau’s newest platform will be ‘a dramatic step forward’ in simplifying big data, CEO says

13 Feb, 2019
Enterprise Times

Tableau launches the next gen analytics

13 Feb, 2019

Tableau Continues Advancing In Natural Language Processing With General Availability of Ask Data

13 Feb, 2019

Tableau’s Ask Data feature uses NLP to answer sales questions

13 Feb, 2019

Tableau Ask Data gives BI users simple NLP data query tool

13 Feb, 2019
Computer Business Review

Tableau Gets Language Recognition, Data Cleaning Capabilities

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