17 May, 2018

The Future of Smart Data

16 May, 2018

Tableau Software CEO: Our new product cuts data prep time in half

03 May, 2018
Information Week

Data Prep Becomes an Enterprise Effort

30 Apr, 2018

Tableau Prep tool aims to ease Tableau data preparation work

27 Apr, 2018
Computer Weekly

Data analytics is about culture, not technology

24 Apr, 2018
Enterprise Times

Tableau extends reach with data prep and new pricing

24 Apr, 2018
SD Times

Tableau Software rolls out new analytics solutions on a subscription basis

24 Apr, 2018
ComputerWorld UK

Tableau announces new pricing structure and data preparation tool

24 Apr, 2018

Tableau launches Tableau Prep to take pain out of data preparation, Creator, Explorer and Viewer versions

24 Apr, 2018
Seattle Times

Tableau adds data prep product, tweaks pricing to appeal to big customers

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