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10 Aug, 2017

Now You Can 'Talk' To A Database, Tableau Acquires ClearGraph

09 Aug, 2017
Puget Sound Business Journal

Tableau acquires search technology startup to make products more interactive

09 Aug, 2017
Enterprise Times

Tableau acquires natural language interface

09 Aug, 2017

Tableau Acquires Natural Language Query Technology

09 Aug, 2017
Computer Business Review

Tableau acquires natural language data analysis startup

09 Aug, 2017

Tableau Acquires ClearGraph to Raise Augmented Intelligence Play

09 Aug, 2017
Database Trends & Applications

Tableau Democratizes Data Access with Purchase of Natural Language Query Startup ClearGraph

09 Aug, 2017
Silicon Angle

Tableau Software acquires ClearGraph for its natural language processing smarts

09 Aug, 2017

Tableau Acquisition Aims To Bring Natural Language Capabilities To Data Analysis

09 Aug, 2017

Tableau acquires startup ClearGraph for natural language processing

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