How (not) to Build Your SEO Strategy: 10 Tricks Your Consultant Won't Tell You

Niels Hoven, Web Analytics Manager - Tableau Software,

The foundation of a good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is a well thought out keyword strategy. Unlike the instant gratification of pay-per-click advertising, organic search efforts often take six months or more to show results. During those six months, a business will be creating mountains of content and building targeted links, all focused on 5-10 specific keyword phrases. For a business that targeted the wrong phrase – perhaps it was too competitive, or there wasn’t enough traffic, or the traffic didn’t convert – the wrong keyword strategy will have cost thousands of hours in wasted effort.

A wide range of factors come into play when evaluating keyword potential for SEO. With endless keyword data, the intuition required to balance these factors is a blend of art and skill that can only be developed with time. Data visualization makes it possible to do the same thing cheaply and effectively.

You'll learn how data visualization can help you:

  • Quickly identify key phrases worth pursuing
  • Build visualizations and deliver actionable insights
  • Better understand which broad keyword categories are worth competing in
  • Identify inexpensive analysis tools
  • Formulate a keyword strategy and set benchmarks

Read this step-by-step whitepaper and instantly lower your overall cost and time spent on Search Engine Optimization.

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Niels Hoven, Web Analytics Manager - Tableau Software