BI on a Limited Budget: Strategies for Doing More with Less

Wayne Eckerson, TDWI,

The current economic downturn has accentuated the need among business intelligence (BI) teams to do “more with less.” With budgets cut or flat, most BI teams have been forced to innovate and find new ways to deliver projects more efficiently.

In the short term, BI teams coped with tactical maneuvers designed to cut costs without sacrificing quality or output. Longer term, BI teams have put in place numerous strategic initiatives designed to improve operating efficiency and effectiveness. For instance, they are consolidating spreadmarts and data marts, and eliminating redundant data, tools, infrastructure, and staff. They are implementing self-service BI tools to free up the BI team to finish high-priority projects. Small companies are turning in significant numbers to new, low-cost offerings, and companies of all sizes are aggressively investigating new technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of BI operations.

Like a forest fire, a recession consumes the deadwood of BI programs and frees teams to dream up new ways of delivering BI solutions. The bright side of the downturn is that many BI teams are now poised with new processes, organizations, and technology to deliver significant value to their organizations. Download this report to find out how they are doing it.

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Wayne Eckerson, TDWI