Big Data: Powering the Next Industrial Revolution

Abhishek Mehta ,

How would you like to be the person or the team at your company, big or small, that identifies what no one else is thinking about at your organization but should be? Think of the status you’d gain, the spotlight and corner office – and the new challenges you’ll be able to tackle that will rocket your company to the top.

The key is to start thinking about the problems you can now solve with data – problems you could not solve before.

Data is a key raw material for a variety of socio-economic business systems. Unfortunately, the ability to maximize the use of and value from data has been under leveraged. Till now. A massive change in the technology ecosystem, explosion in sensors emitting new data and sprouting of new business models is revolutionizing the data landscape. Forever changing the way we look at, solve and commercialize business problems.

This is the world of Big Data, where big is merely a reference to the size of the opportunity, not the inability to address it. Learn how you can be a part of this revolution and get ahead of the competition.

About the author

Abhishek Mehta

Abhishek, former Strategy and Development Executive at Bank of America, is an expert in big data and consumer payments. A featured speaker and leading edge thinker on these topics, Abhishek is a die-hard supporter of all things open source and is recognized in the industry as a visionary on how to create value by building, transforming or disrupting business eco-systems.

He has over a decade of experience in various strategic and operational leadership roles in banking, tech and consulting, and has lived and worked in Asia, Europe and the US.

Abhishek is also the Founder and President of Foundation Ten10, a one-of-a-kind network driven non-profit focused on training, educating and nurturing children with learning disabilities, and a member of the Faculty at one of the premier Retail Banking Management Programs in the US.