Tableau Developer Puzzle Hunt

Puzzle Hunt is back!

We're cooking up some puzzles with a little New Orleans flavor.

The hunt began at 5 p.m. on Monday, October 22.

**UPDATE: Due to interest, we are extending the submission deadline to NOON on Thursday, October 25. Players can start the hunt at any time during that interval.

How do I sign up?
Start by downloading the free ClueKeeper app and creating an account for yourself. Once you’ve got that set up, enter the Hunt Code TC18FOODIE and follow the instructions provided by the app.

What kind of puzzles are these?
This year’s hunt features word puzzles and interactive puzzles that will have you strolling the Data Village and exercising your wits. Want a taste? Here’s an amuse-bouche:

Need more info?
Stop by the puzzle hunt desk at the Developer Platform kiosk in Tableau Labs to learn more, and pick up some puzzles for yourself.
Laissez le bon temps rouler!!
**Reminder: Tableau employees and TC18 staff are not eligible to participate