Improve citizen engagement

For public sector organisations, your primary objective is to meet the needs of your citizens. With Tableau, you can leverage data analytics to truly understand what your citizens expect.


Improving citizen engagement requires understanding their needs and every single touchpoint—and that means understanding every piece of citizen data that you have. With Tableau, you can unlock key data-driven insights at every step of your citizens journey, helping to identify gaps and explore new ways of improving outcomes.

Complex challenges solved with Tableau


Track student wellness during COVID-19

El Paso tracks student wellness and preparedness during COVID-19 to make sure education reaches all.

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Improved transparency and accountability

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency builds a data analysis unit to meet the highest levels of transparency.

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Effectively manage infectious diseases

Gyeonggi Infectious Disease Control Center (GIDCC) fights infectious diseases more efficiently with Tableau.

Bring clarity to complexity

Navigate to Faster decision-making

Faster decision-making

Put data analytics at the centre of your decision-making to help your workforce make faster decisions.

Navigate to 360 view of citizens

360 view of citizens

Use data to truly understand your citizens at every touchpoint—helping to enhance their experience.

Navigate to No More Silos

No More Silos

Bring together data from across your organisation, enabling you to truly understand what's happenning.

Navigate to Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics

Understand your operations in real-time to react at speed in a fast-changing world.

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