TUNE: Granular insights for mobile marketers

TUNE embeds Tableau into their TUNE BI product, offering powerful analytics to their customers without the traditional time, investment, and risk associated with building a custom platform. Business Intelligence Manager, Ameer Hashish shares how customers can download mobile data through TUNE’s Tableau Server and analyze it in Tableau Desktop. Using Tableau's data connectors, customers can bring in campaign data from sources like MySQL, Oracle, Salesforce, or Google Analytics. In video 2, Jim Tommaney, Director of Data Insights explains how TUNE balances flexibility and security. Individuals have assigned permissions in Tableau Server, ensuring data security in their multi-tenant environment.

Easy integration for mobile marketers

Tableau: How has Tableau impacted TUNE’s customers? Ameer Hashish, Business Intelligence Manager: Specific to mobile marketers, Tableau has opened up a lot of ah-ha moments in terms of process automation, how they match cost and spend data to the revenues that are generated within an app, how they can dig deeper into geographic data and analyze their campaigns at a zip code level; how they can create advanced level cohorts to determine the value to the users after several pre-engagements or campaigns that have been run against them. Tableau: Can you tell us about TUNE BI? Ameer: TUNE already has an existing platform for advertisers where they can log in and see their data. We built TUNE BI as a response to market demand for more flexible customization of data visualization and access to more granular insights. Tableau: Why did you choose to embed Tableau into the offering? Ameer: One of the key strengths of Tableau and why we chose Tableau is that it allowed for easy integration of third party data sources. So we've got clients who have the mobile data, data that's coming off of the device. And they want to match that data against the campaign data that they run on desktops. We've got other clients who have existing databases, like MySQL or Oracle, and they want to plug in that data directly to the mobile data and blend it together to discover the relationships. So we've got clients using Google Analytics, MySQL database connections, Salesforce. We've got clients automating cost data collection. It's a whole host and range of different data sources that our advertisers are using. Tableau: Can you explain how customers use Tableau within TUNE BI? Ameer: In terms of customers, it's really enabled our customers to create data visualizations specific to their business immediately. So a typical advertiser would open up Tableau Desktop connect to our Tableau Server pick out some data sources available to them that relate to their business, their mobile data, and they can plug and play and begin to create visualizations. And then we extend them the publishing rights to publish the reports that they create back to the Tableau Server. Tableau: What is one of your customers’ favorite Tableau features? Ameer: The mapping feature is one of the features that our advertisers like the most. We'd say Tableau has a distinct advantage over other analytics platforms in its advanced mapping capability. Specific to mobile apps, there are a lot of mobile apps that are food delivery services and are based on geography. And so geography and demographics play a huge part in profiling customers and determining what the target audience really looks like. And so that's been a huge success for us. Clients are finding that they can drive much deeper insight, much more granular insights by slicing and dicing those dimensions and measures a thousand different ways from Sunday and really giving them access to insight that they never had before.

It's really enabled our customers to create data visualizations specific to their business immediately. So a typical advertiser would open up Tableau Desktop, connect to our Tableau Server...and they can plug and play and begin to create visualizations.

Managing security in Tableau Server

Tableau: Can you tell us a little bit about TUNE BI? Jim Tommaney, Director, Data Insights: Tableau's part of our project we're working on here within TUNE. We're offering TUNE BI, which is a capability to really use Tableau to get at the data and really drive insights and answer sort of the next question. Tableau: What Tableau products do you use? Jim: We’re using all of Tableau, to be honest. We're using Tableau Server, we're using Tableau Desktop, we're using Tableau Cloud, we're using mobile capabilities of Tableau. We love Tableau because of all these capabilities. We use Tableau Server, we built out a set of insights, analytics for our customers, and we let them, you know, view that in whatever manner they see fit, right? So it's just a flexibility option for our customers. Tableau: What data do you connect to in Tableau? Jim: We’re using a number of different technologies. TUNE uses probably more than a dozen different data technologies. We're using internally something called TUNE DB, which is a columnar database. We run it on Amazon, also on premise, but it allows for significant flexibility sort of to marry back to Tableau's flexibility. Tableau: How do you manage security? Jim: We have a shared customer, shared database with multi-customer, multi-tenant environment there. And so we have to manage security there in terms of what data they have access to and privileges. And so we just manage that. Right now, we create the individual users, privileges for each customer. They've got dedicated views that point to their data and are restricted from being changed. So Tableau actually gives us all the tools we need to deliver the right filters to ensure data security in our multi-tenant environment. Tableau: How big is your data set? Jim: We’ve got hundreds of billions of rows in the data set. It's still not yet a petabyte of data, but it's going to get there. We're the growth curve is for both the data and the businesses is very nice, so we're real excited about that. So we'll cross that boundary soon. Dealing with big data is definitely a challenge. But Tableau gives us the tools to let us work through those challenges.

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