Tableau User Groups build community with data

The thing that make the Tableau user groups different from other software user groups is just the passion. It's the passion for how they can use the product and how they can make things better and bring insights and knowledge and benefit to what they're doing.

“Being part of the user group of Tableau, it's allowed me to see other use cases from other industries, so we can learn from each other,” says Dave. “We also try to solve each other's challenge. And it basically helps us to get used to presenting our use case in front of others and to a network with the peers, who are also passionate about Tableau.”

“At our last meeting we had a young lady come in, brand new to Tableau…[she] didn't know if there was anyone else present that could help her out with some of the questions that she had,” Andy comments, “And we had Mark Jackson in the room with Piedmont Healthcare, and he was able to answer virtually all the questions that she had. And it was something where she felt, ‘I've got a community here that I can come back to and that can assist me as I begin my Tableau journey.’”

Anthony adds, “I think it's so important to have a community so that you can understand different perspectives. You want to know where people are coming from, what they struggle with, what they can do easily, what might be different from what you struggle with. And that's what's so important about a community is mutual learning and really helping each other.”

Tableau User Groups are available in over 180 cities across the globe. If you aren’t already a part of your local user group, join now.