Randstad scales new business with Tableau and Amazon Redshift

Randstad chose Tableau to analyze data from their existing Amazon Redshift data warehouse.

With ongoing growth, Randstad found that Tableau offered the scalability and flexibility they needed for the Ploy team and the company as a whole.

Tableau visualizations continue to drive value, facilitating the imminent expansion of the Ploy business model into other countries.

Tableau: Please provide us with your personal details and information about your company.
Kenneth Claeyssens, Senior Controller: My name is Kenneth Claeyssens. I’m a senior controller at Randstad, Belgium.

Tableau: How do you leverage Tableau at Randstad?
Kenneth Claeyssens: Tableau is being used in our organization by Ploy from Randstad. Ploy is a digital start-up in the Human Resources (HR) landscape, which means that it's a business model through applications and actually everything that is going on in those applications is stored in real-time in a data warehouse in Amazon Redshift. And Tableau is running on top of the data warehouse in Redshift.

Ploy is using Tableau on a daily basis and actually every team throughout the entire organization is using it all day long to steer on our business. We are creating some dashboards ourselves and then we have the team from Biztory helping us to create more professional dashboards.

Tableau: How satisfied are your users?
Kenneth Claeyssens: The users have been very satisfied until now, because Tableau is very flexible. We want to have a lot of data as fast as possible to increase our growth. And we have been very satisfied by the speed and the professionalism of the dashboards.

We were looking for a tool that was flexible, that could deploy fast, that would bring high level visualizations and Tableau came out to be here and right do this for us.

Tableau: What benefit has the Tableau + Amazon Redshift solution brought to your organization?
Kenneth Claeyssens: One of our core values is that everything is designed for trust. It needs to look awesome, so you can see that in our apps.

So we were looking for a tool that matches our company culture of going fast, bring awesome looks to our data, because that completely matches the new world – if you look at Uber, if you look at Airbnb, look and feel was very important. And we were looking for the best tool at the market.

Tableau: What is the outlook for the future?
Kenneth Claeyssens: We have linked Tableau to one certain data warehouse, our data warehouse for Ploy. But now, we can also use it on top of other databases. For example, I work in the finance department. I have a lot of Excel sheets full of data. And now, I can just put Tableau on the top of those datasheets and do visualizations myself.