Months of work accomplished in weeks at truestar

Japanese media evaluation company, truestar, helps businesses analyze the quality and cost of advertising. In this video, Senior Director and CBDO Toshikuni Fuji discusses how Tableau allowed truestar to complete months' worth of work in weeks.

Tableau: What’s your impression of Tableau? Toshikuni Fuji, Senior Director and CBDO: The fact is that Tableau is a lead player in IT. The speed of progress that Tableau is making is extremely fast. To respond to that progress, we need to keep up and provide services at the same speed. Tableau: Have you seen a difference since adopting Tableau?

When I use Tableau, I feel that the quality, quantity and speed of the data analysis have all improved dramatically.

Fuji: When I use Tableau, I feel that the quality, quantity and speed of the data analysis have all improved dramatically. For example, I now consider it possible to complete quite complicated data analysis that used to take one to two months in one to two weeks. I feel that we can respond to more of the client needs as a result. Tableau: What kinds of data do you work with? Fuji: A large amount of the data I use is sales data, financial data or survey data such as brand tracking data. Before using Tableau, there was a lot of advance work that went into data analysis, such as collecting the data, processing, aggregating, and tabulating it, and putting it into diagrams. It took so long to do all of that work that there wasn't much time left for the fundamental purpose of the analysis, such as picking out the issues, understanding the current situation and extracting solutions. Since using Tableau the time I spend on those things has been significantly reduced, and I can use that time for the fundamental purpose of the analysis: understanding the current situation, picking out the issues, and finding solutions. Tableau: How would you sum up the effect of Tableau on truestar? Fuji: Using Tableau has been a catalyst for our business and myself to make a great leap forward. The quality, quantity and speed of the incoming information is a world away to what it used to be. Tableau: What do customers think about Tableau? Fuji: Indeed, the most common reaction we get from customers is that it is easy to use. Another factor is that with tools we've used in the past it would cost extra money and time when we wanted to change things. Now we can make changes easily on the spot, and people tell us that the tool is useful for ensuring more consistent progress.